What is Freediving?

Diving with one breath and free from scuba tanks, thats Freediving. Freediving is also: Finding your inner peace by enjoying the beauty and silence of the deep blue. There are diferent ways of freediving like: Static, Dynamic, Constant Weight, Free Immersion.

What is AIDA?

Freedivers for Freedivers

AIDA is the main international federation of Freediving. AIDA created stable and safe sets of rules and guidelines for Freedive-Education and Competition.

The rules and regulations of AIDA are discussed and improved over many years, continously. Every day around the world new students are trained and earn their certificates.

AIDA is the single largest organizer of international freediving competitions, rules and regulations. “To work as a AIDA Instructor gives us the opportunity to teach and give certifications from all over the world, where ever you are.  We are a strong and cool community.  That´s why I chuse AIDA.” Nikki

Sport and education, plus promoting the joy of freediving are key concerns of the sports federation AIDA.

AIDA freedivers also participate in scientific studies on breath hold diving to further the understanding of the human body’s reaction to deep diving and thus improving safety guidelines and regulations.

But we are not just a sports federation! AIDA is an organization all about freediving and about helping its development. A big part of this work is demonstrating to the world that freediving is safe, fun, challenging and a fantastic blend of inner peace, concentration, technique, training, friends and team work. Freediving is sometimes misunderstood as an extreme and dangerous sport for thrill seekers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Today AIDA is the bond that unites freedivers across the planet. “By freedivers for freedivers” really sums up well what AIDA is. AIDA created stable and safe sets of rules and guidelines.

Nikki is AIDA Instuctor and a Choreografer from Germany, Hamburg. She is also is doing projects and teaching in the Red Sea, Dahab. As a Instruchtor for Freediving she is a part from AIDA. Her main focus is to optimize the movements of her Students and Apnea Atletes.