Nikki's Projekte




Kreativität & Kommunikation 

 für eine Kultur von toleranz und menschlicher Nächstenliebe. 


neue wege und innovation brauchen Kreativität und 

Jedes gemeinsam braucht Kommunikation

sie sind die Schlüssel zu gemeinsamen lösungen.






Art and Values for a
Culture of Love

Get connected

3 Doors To Enter

Creative to Empower 

People & Communitys 


+ with Cultural Learning, Team-Action and Artistic Creation.  


++ Dance, Peace-Work, Embodiment and Communication training for a better world. 


+++ Enjoy experience in dance, photo, video and theater productions.


++++ Art – Skills to empower environmental protection and marine conservation.


 join creating a Culture of Love



  1. Participate in new projects 
  2. share your know-how
  3. unlock your strength
  4. tell your ideas
  5. let´s exchange or cooperate
  6. learn with the help of my coaching
  7.  join new experiences.
  8. let there be new projects with your donation.

in action
since over 20 Years


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